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Who Is Connolly Construction

A remodeling company that levels with homeowners before, during and after a remodeling project…..so we can wind up with a happy satisfied client willing to refer us to others.

The Truth About the Remodeling Process
Put plainly, it can be unpleasant.

  • the job is going to cost more than you expected
  • you are not going to like the process much at times
  • dust will still be around after daily clean-up
  • the schedule will have some fluidity
  • you are going to lose your temper at times

Our job and commitment to you is to minimize or eliminate the unpleasantness.

Gaining Your Trust,
After you hire us, we are going to care for your project as we would our own. Ongoing collaborative communication and a positive, non adversarial attitude will make working together productive. After the project begins, you’ll experience few if any surprises because you will have been counseled up front on what to expect. We’ll start to earn your trust as you discover that most, if not all, phases of the process unfold as planned. And you’ll be ready to adjust when the inevitable challenges arise because we’ll fully disclose their nature, often far in advance, and provide several cost effective alternatives to deal with them.
Establishing Clear Expectations
At all stages of the project, we will review and confirm with you at regular intervals how we are doing. We set and review clear expectations with you often so you will conclude that you received what you expected up front. We want you to be happy with both the end result and the process along the way!
Following through on our Promises,
Contracts, change orders, and weekly status updates give you the overview you need of what’s happening and are the  tools we use to make us accountable to our commitments.

Connolly Construction Company Background

Since 2003, Connolly Construction has focused exclusively on remodeling homes in Fairfield County, Ct. The Company has in-house capability on almost all phases of residential construction.

The Company is:

  • a  fully registered home improvement contractor in the State of Connecticut,  registration number 0578697.
  •  fully insured, and makes sure all subcontractors in its employ are fully insured prior to engagement.
  • a certified lead safe firm as designated by the U.S. Department of Environmental Protection,  number NAT-63218-1.

The Company entered the remodeling business after building new homes in Weston, Ct. and on the island of St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands from 1995-2002. With extensive hands on experience building all components of new homes from the ground up, the Company was well prepared to enter the remodeling business in 2003.

A one year warranty is provided on all work, with details outlined in our clients’ contracts.


In-House Expertise

Put the strength of our in-house expertise to work for you.

Our hands-on experience in many trades means we know what it takes to produce great work, about how long it should take, and how much it should cost. This means we can subcontract wisely and flexibly with your best interests in mind. For example,  if a subcontractor falls short on quality or is unavailable when needed, we can usually step in, fill voids and complete the work timely. This in-house strength differentiates us from many others. When you hire us, our strength becomes your strength because we can keep the focus where it should always be: in your corner!
The adjacent table represents what Connolly Construction can do for you and when we subcontract with others -typically for specialized or licensed work. In all events, we are flexible. For example, when you need it done fast, we will increase the subcontracted portion of the work to accelerate the scheduled completion date.


  • As a rule of thumb, code required work for electrical and plumbing is subcontracted. Major work in excavation, masonry, framing, roofing, landscaping and painting is also subcontracted to third parties.
  • For repairs or small jobs (eg. painting 3 rooms or less, installing under 1000 square feet of flooring, roofing one story sheds or porticos, and insulating with fiberglass batts), most work is done in house.
  • Determinations are made on a case-by-case basis.


Meet Tim

Timothy J. Connolly
Timothy J. ConnollyPrincipal

Prior to forming Connolly Construction Company and affiliates in 1995, Tim, a principal of the Company, gained ten years of experience on the marketing and development side of the business while employed by several of the largest commercial developers in the United States. More chronological information on his professional background can be found on Linkedin.

A resident of New Canaan, Ct. since 2010, he resided previously in Trumbull, CT. for eighteen years and has lived continuously in Fairfield County, Ct. since 1986. Married and the father of two adult children, he was raised in West Hartford, Ct.

Accessibility/Aging in Place 100%
Cabinetry 100%
Decks 100%
Doors 100%
Dropped Ceiling 100%
Excavation 30%
Finish Electrical 50%
Finish Plumbing 50%
Flashing 100%
Framing 50%
Green 100%
Insulation 90%
Landscaping 50%
Masonry 50%
Painting 50%
Roofing 20%
Rough Electrical 1%
Rough Plumbing 1%
Sheetrock 100%
Siding 100%
Tiling 100%
Trim Carpentry 100%
Windows 100%
Wood/Bamboo Flooring 50%


Selected Projects